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  1. Jules

    Hi , had a problem today whilst icing a cake using ready to roll icing, everything was fine , all finished but then three tiny cracks appeared in a small area which got a little bigger. Tried everything i know to rectify the problem , I have always used this icing , just wondered if you had any idea why this would’ve happened never known it before.

      • cakedoctor11

        There could be several reasons for this to happen though it is unusual.
        If you have ganache underneath the coating this can melt especially if it is white chocolate ganache( as has happened to me) and as it slides down the cake unfortunately the sugarpaste goes with it.

        Possibly whilst moving the cake you’ve caught it on something. It’s easily done or even little fingers may have been in the vicinity (though if this happens there is usually a gouge taken out of the cake and eaten 😊).

        You can smooth over the marks and possibly disguise them ( if a floral design has been used, then place a fallen petal or leaf strategically over the area and attach with a small amount of softened sugarpaste. You can also smooth over any cracks with either softened royal icing or sugarpaste ( both with water) then smooth over with moist fingers. Always place this area at the back of the cake if you have a choice though only discerning cake decorators would spot the flaw.

        If you post on our Facebook page I’m sure you will get lots more replies to your intriguing question

      • Jules

        None of the answers were the cause of the problem buttercream covered the cake then the icing , I also softened some icing and smoothed it over the cracked area ,all looked ok only to find this morning this had cracked where I’d smoothed it over,couldn’t disguise it with any decoration .

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