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Sugarpaste (Fondant) & Marzipan Guide

This chart shows a rough guide for Sugarpaste (Fondant) & Marzipan quantities, this
guide is by no means definitive and allowance has been made for the fact that when you are covering a cake there is always going to be spare pieces trimmed off.

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Ribbon Guide

This is a rough guide to the length of ribbon you would need to go around the edge of a cake board/drum or cake.

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Oven Temperature Conversion Guide

The attached temperature conversions are the closest match, if you are using a fan assisted oven please adjust the temperature for baking as per your manufacturers recommendations.

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Round Cake Division Templates

When designing a new template for top line work, working out where to position sugar embellishments, flowers or even inscriptions can be time consuming. Thankfully, Ceri Griffiths has spent some time working in Excel to create templates!

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Guidelines for Tylo

Adjusted paste for moulds. 

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Dry and Liquid Measurement Conversion Guide

This is the closest match, should you be following a recipe that differs from the conversion rates attached follow the printed recipe as the author may have a reason for the stated rate of conversion.

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