Ceri Griffiths

Ceri-Grifftihs-Head-ShotSpecialism: Royal icing and Confectionery 


International Teacher, Judge, Award winning author, Show host and TV personality, Ceri graduated in 1980 from Cardiff college of bakery and confectionery with distinctions after completing three years training. It was obvious to his teachers and fellow students that cake decoration and confectionery design was the thing he was meant to do and during his training Ceri represented his college at various bakery competitions winning cups and ribbons for the college.

Ceri first reached the public eye in 2008 when his competition entries were regularly winning gold medals and his work started appearing in International magazines. Travelling is now a major part of Ceri’s life as he attends international cake shows as a judge, teacher and ambassador for his craft. Over the years Ceri has recorded his journeys with cake and his roving reporter videos have gained a vast following, 2018 will see Ceri journeying to new venues and sharing new experiences.

To date Ceri has written five books with Border Inspirations 1&2 winning the Golden Tiers Literary Award in New York in 2017, he is currently working on a new book for 2018. Ceri’s association with Katy Sue Designs has enabled him to help cake decorators around the world achieve professional looking cakes using his Creative Cake System, an ever-developing system of moulds based on his own unique designs.